Our History
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Our Roots

Our roots are robotics. We were formed to fill a void, a need for a college to teach and lead students on to careers in the ever growing field of robotics. From medical robotics to industrial robotics to aeronautic robotics, we are here to teach, to educate, to give life lessons in creating something special.

Historical Perspective

Some say that the field of robotics was invented with the coining of the term "robot." Others say it was way before that with the invention of a mechanical pigeon in the 4th century BC. 

It is a fact that the modern robot arm was invented by George Charles Devol in the 1950s, an perhaps this is where the history of modern robotics should begin. Engineering was first taught thousands of years ago. 

Electronic engineering began only at the beginning of the 20th century. And robotics as a subject only in the last few decades. Modern electronic robotics is a relative newcomer at the universities and colleges. 

The Future

Today robotics and artificial intelligence are both in their infancy. Tomorrows robots will be built by today's students. What will life with robots be thirty years from now? We don't really know, but we do know one thing, "One who creates the future shall never fear the future.

" -TJM