Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Path to CIR 4-year Degree Programs

Like most colleges, we have more applicants than we have space for. As such we review our many applicants and then pick the best of the best.

  1. Submit your information and you will be added to our prospective student list.
  2. We will then notify you that we have added you and later we will send you an application.
  3. Upon receipt of notification, complete our application.
  4. You will have to prepare and submit your application no less than 3 months before the next semester begins.
  5. A certified copy of your official high school transcript must be sent with your application.
  6. Any official college transcripts (sent directly from the college or university) must also arrive no less than 3 months prior to start of classes. If this proves to be an issue, you are to contact our admissions office with the details.
  7. Recommendation letters should be submitted with your application.
  8. A personal essay must be sent with your application. In it you must state who you are, what you have done so far in life (we are very interested in your related jobs and projects), and what you will do with a degree from CIR. The personal essay is perhaps the most important part of your application.
  9. Your SAT I or ACT scores must be sent directly from the College Board or ACT.

Entrance Requirements

Students must have achieved high grades in all four years of high school. GPAs of 3.5 to 4.0 are typical.

We expect all students to be proficient in the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension.

At CIR we suggest a high school curriculum emphasizing depth and breadth across the core academic subjects:

  • English: four years, with emphasis on writing or technical writing.
  • Mathematics: four years with courses that include algebra; trigonometry; plane, solid, and analytic geometry
  • History/Social Studies: three or more years. Such courses should include the writing of detailed, descriptive, reporting of facts.
  • Science: three or more years of laboratory science including chemistry and physics. Electronics would be a plus.
  • Proficiency in at least two computer languages.
  • Basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension

We seek to enroll students with intellectual passions. The students who thrive at CIR are those who are genuinely excited about learning, exploring and creating something special in the world.

To sum it up, we look for inquisitive, eager, passionate and highly engaged students who will make a difference at school and the world beyond, and we expect that they have taken high school course loads of appropriate challenge.