Tuition and Financial Aid

At CIR we are committed to providing students and their families with the financial resources they need to finance their education and ensure access to their academic goals. We will help you and your family understand our financial aid programs and to assist you throughout the process.

We have many programs that can help you and your family afford CIR. These include private and governmental loans, grants, and work study programs.

Typically, military veterans are considered independent of parental financial support, meaning that financial need will be calculated according to your individual income and assets without regard to parents financial circumstances.

CIR Tuition and Fees

Estimated Typical Expenses for One (1) Academic Year (subject to change)

Program Lab Textbooks Tuition
B.S. Robotics Engineering $200 $2600 $55,000
B.S. Electronic Engineering $200 $2400 $50,450
B.S. Artificial Intelligence $200 $2600 $52,000
Certificate in Robotics Technology $200 $2600 $35,000
Open University Courses $100-$500 $50-200 $350/unit