Student Research

Students within certain programs and courses have at their disposal the equipment necessary to research, learn, improve upon, and discover new methods and technologies in robotics. As robotics is inherently a multidisciplinary and highly collaborative field it is only natural that research in robotics will not only inspire our students and staff, but will inspire the world.  

We Offer at Students 

  • Course-based Projects
  • Extracurricular Projects
  • Cooperative Partnerships and Sponsored Research

Faculty Research

At CIR, our research faculty lead the robotics revolution through breakthrough research, world-changing ideas, expansion of the field of robotics, creation of new technologies, and real-world applications for the betterment of mankind.  

We Offer Our Research Faculty 

  • Fully equipped laboratories
  • Grants
  • Assistants
  • Time


To inspire our students and our staff at well, we offer several awards for achievement and discovery in the field of robotics. ​

CIR Awards 

  • Freshman Students Award for Outstanding Achievement in Robotics
  • Betterment of Mankind through Robotics Award
  • Presidents Award for Innovative Robotics
  • Senior World Robotics Award for Global Impact Achievement