State of the Art High Tech Campus Our campus is a high tech dream come true. We have ultra-high speed Wi-Fi throughout. We have the latest in robotic vending machines where you can get a coffee, a sandwhich or an ice cream cone day or night. We have a gift and card shop for those "need it now gifts". And for those who need just the right part, or a custom birthday gift, our copy shop offers 3D printing. Can not get to campus for the lecture? We have live two-way video via Internet in every classroom! We even have a system where some of our guest lectureres remote in for lectures in realtime with two-way video! CIR has several student clubs and organizations, ranging from fun engineering competition teams to service organizations, to social clubs, ski clubs, and engineering sports teams. As you can see, CIR provides a well-rounded (and fun) educational experience. And do not forget our yearly trip to the San Mateo Maker Faire!   Entertainment  CIR has a lot of on-campus entertainment and events for students. From robot expos to robot battles to robotics soccer to live robot bands (or was that bands that sing like robots?) we have everything you could want.    Some of CIRs Events 
  • Every Friday night is movie night! Free movies are shown in The Quad. Not all of our movies are sci-fi movies about robots. Some are comedies with robots and some are love stories (OK, with robots). 
  • Robot soccer games happen several times a year. 
  • Robot battles are scheduled throughout the year.
  • And each year in April we join with the Riverside Robotics Society to present the Riverside Robot Expo!
Food = S x 3  We know that robots need electricity and humans need food, so you will be pleased to hear that the college eateries boasts of "Sx3" foods: Succulent meals, Scrumptious desserts and Starbucks coffees all at reasonable prices. During exam week, all hours are extended. As stated above, we have state of the art robotic vending machines across the campus serving up hot and cold foods, beverages, and snacks just perfect for a little break during those all-nighter study parties.    Competitions What we lack in human sports, we more than make up in robotics sports. Intramural and intermural games include robot soccer, robot battles, Turing tests, and so many more classroom-based competitions.   Student Publications and Media  Our school media includes the CIR Robot News (print and internet) streaming radio, as well as live robotics demonstrations and competitions.   Recreation  The CIR Rec Center is stocked with classic video games, VR games, ping pong, pool chess, foosball, checkers, cards, current newspapers and magazines.   Arts and Music  We encourage our local artists and musicians to exhibit their talents and bring some soul stirring to CIR.   Community Service  Giving back to the community is so very important. Part of CIRs outreach is to give monthly presentations in robotics to high schools in the local area. These presentations inspire the future generations of roboticists and robotics engineers. 
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